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Engagement and Advocacy

Regnan’s Engagement Impact Report 2021: Climate change, modern slavery, and Indigenous relations among top issues

August 2021 - Climate change, modern slavery and Indigenous relations top issues 92% of Regnan’s active engagements demonstrate progress Download Regnan’s Engagement Impact Report 2021 RESPONSIBLE investing leader Regnan undertook 87 engagements with 44...

Regnan shares insights on better modern slavery practices

November 2020 - Modern Slavery refers to human trafficking and slavery-like practices such as servitude, forced labour, child labour, deceptive recruiting, forced marriage and debt bondage. Responsible investment leader Regnan engages with organisations...

Regnan’s 2020 engagement report shows progress on key issues

November 2020 - Here Regnan’s Head of Engagement Alison Ewings (pictured) outlines our progress REGNAN’s corporate engagement work encourages market disclosures that support better decision-making, improved responses to climate-related risks, greater oversight of...

The divestment dilemma

November 2020 - Blurred lines A first step is to decide what types of firms qualify for divestment. Should divestment focus on those that produce fossil fuels? Or firms that burn them, releasing...

How responsible investing helps fund managers make better decisions

November 2020 - CHRIS LEES has always been a socially responsible investor. For 32 years the J O Hambro fund manager has been screening out ethically problematic companies like weapon manufacturers, tobacco groups...

Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions Fund

This fund is distributed in Australia via Pendal and in the UK, Europe and other countries via J O Hambro Capital Management.

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