April 21, 2021

Energy transition is one of the themes of the Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions Fund, prompting our investment team’s interest in deeply understanding potential risks and unintended consequences – the subject of Regnan’s latest thematic research report: ‘H2 beyond CO2 – Filling the gaps in the environmental case for hydrogen’.

Hydrogen could be used for many sectors, from transport and power, to industrial production and chemicals. In practice, hydrogen’s appeal depends on two critical factors: how it compares to other decarbonisation options, and how much zero-carbon hydrogen production can be ramped up to meet demand. And hydrogen production needs to be assessed beyond carbon and across all sustainability dimensions to avoid locking in sustainability problems later.

This latest thematic research insight from Regnan looks beyond carbon emissions analysis alone. It presents investment relevant insights from Regnan’s comparison of three key production technologies, provides current and future estimates across all key environmental factors for focus technologies, and identifies management practices that responsible investors should look for in hydrogen producers to minimise risks and maximise positive impact.

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